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DigiBird possesses a broad range of video wall solutions to meet today's growing needs. With an international marketing strategy, DigiBird is able to meet the demands of both the commercial and high-end residential markets with its versatile and extensive line of Video Wall Controllers.


The DigiBird Video Wall Controller Gen-2  is the newly released high stability video wall processor, which fully supports 4K UHD inputs and outputs.


The DigiBird hardware based Edge Blending Controller supports flat, wave curved and 3D blending with up to 4k capturing and 1080P @60Hz output for projectors and displays alike.



UniStation is a Unified KVM workstation over fiber, with seamless integration of video wall controller. It is high level KVM solution and can be applied for control room and command center should both KVM and video wall management be required.

The DigiBird compact Video Wall Control­ler is the simplest and most cost-effective solution to build an eye-catching and creative video wall. Each output can be independently flipped or rotated in any degree 0-360 increment.



A Visual Experience

All 4K. 20 Gbps bandwidth per input slot and 80 Gbps per output slot, all the input and output channels support 4K (3840x2160@30Hz).

Scrolling Text .Display notifications, news, or slogan. The font, color, and moving speed can be self-define at user’s discretion.

Smooth Display. Double buffering technology ensures the synchronization for cross screen display of fast moving videos: no sticking, trailing and/or frame lost.


High performance controller at entry level pricing (starting at under $2000)

DigiBird's VWC2 Video Wall Controller is the best in class for modular built, custom input and output cards with varying chassis sizes and supports up to 168 input and output sources. It supports multiple window layer per output, and windowing can be previewed in real time. The VWC2 B-Series has nearly all the functions and capabilities as its predecessor, but comes with preconfigured input and output cards. It is available with 4x4, 4x8, 8x8, and 4x12 (input x output) configurations. It is the perfect solution for smaller video walls and with extremely competitive pricing, you get the high-end DigiBird processing at entry-level noname switcher prices.


Above: Users can window input sources ANYWHERE across your video wall to create different layouts.
Below: Control software available on Windows, iOS, Linux operating systems. Smart phone /tablet application also available on iOS and Google App Stores.

Bundle with Zoom Digital displays for a Turnkey Command Center 


Above and Left: Example configurations of video walls with arbitrary input windowing, anywhere across the video wall's active display area.

Supports Custom Resolution settings, ideal for LED Video Walls

LED Video Walls are often not exactly FHD or UHD Resolution. This can be an issue when your processor only supports certain specified resolutions. The VWC2-B allows you to create video walls of any resolution under FHD (use VWC2 H4 Series for UHD resolution), by changing the resolution settings and windowing the input source to the exact resolution needed. The VWC2-B is a great device for exhibits and events management, who deal with many different resolution video walls depending on event.

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