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Remote Management software to create layouts, broadcast contents and control "client" hardware

Key Features:
• Beginner friendly user interface
• Supports multiple languages
• Supports all types of files
• Scheduling and Broadcasting
• Create custom templates and drag and drop desired contents.
• Diverse types of applications and Data base link such as Queue system, website,
      stock market, exchange rate, RSS news, etc.
• Supports diverse types of content (below) and Flash based interactivity

Q-sign software uses a user friendly interface which anyone can learn within a matter of minutes. A wide variety of content such as images, movies, flash, html, RSS feed, and even Live TV Streaming can be added to your digital signage presentation with just a few simple clicks on the shortcut buttons on the left menu bar. Q-sign features a timeline on the bottom that allows adjustments to time and scheduling of content. There is a main view showing how the screen can be divided and split into multiple sections to show different content at the same time.

There are 5 tabs at the top of the Q-Sign interface: Design, Broadcast, Schedule, Client,
and Manager. The Design tab is allows for the creation of templates and content. The schedule tab allows you to schedule each client player by day, week, and month. The broadcasting tab is used to broadcast created schedules to each client connected to a server. The Client tab is for the monitoring and controlling client PC’s to ensure that they are always running.

Q-sign software is a simple yet powerful solution to run a Digital Signage Network. Q-sign is a fully interactive and cost effective solution for any digital signage need.

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