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DigiBird possesses a broad range of video wall solutions to meet today's growing needs. With an international marketing strategy, DigiBird is able to meet the demands of both the commercial and high-end residential markets with its versatile and extensive line of Video Wall Controllers.



The DigiBird Video Wall Controller Gen-2  is the newly released high stability video wall processor, which fully supports 4K UHD inputs and outputs.


The DigiBird hardware based Edge Blending Controller supports flat, wave curved and 3D blending with up to 4k capturing and 1080P @60Hz output for projectors and displays alike.



UniStation is a Unified KVM workstation over fiber, with seamless integration of video wall controller. It is high level KVM solution and can be applied for control room and command center should both KVM and video wall management be required.

The DigiBird compact Video Wall Control­ler is the simplest and most cost-effective solution to build an eye-catching and creative video wall. Each output can be independently flipped or rotated in any degree 0-360 increment.



EBC2 is a hardware based edge blending controller, which support flats, wave curved and 3D blending with up to 4k capturing and 1080P @60Hz output. It can handle up to 40 projectors as well as displays in portrait orientation and allows real time windowing of all input sources.

Advanced Blending Technology

Color and brightness adjustment

By adjustment of the color and brightness of each output signal, to eliminate the discrepancy of different

Default Color Discrepancy


1. Ideal black

Black Boost

1. Ideal black

2. light leaking

4. Black Boost

3. Brighter overlap

S-Curve adjustment

The ‘blend’ is basically an S-shaped curve that is applied to gradually reduce the brightness of the image at the edge.

S-curves together to result in full brightness when
properly overlapping.

S-curves for two projectors, with edge blended.

NURBS ( Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines)

NURBS enable the smoothly edge transition.

Full HD lossless processing

A: Traditional technology is processing the signal on 1080P/30 fps and result in signal loss.

B: DigiBird EBC supports 1080P/60 fps processing without signal loss and free of scratch when playing fast
move video.

Control Edge Blending and Video Wall Concurrently

Flexible Display

Up to 4x layers per output, support PIP and arbitrary zooming
Scrolling Text: user defined font, color, background and scrolling speed.

4K UHD capture

Support 4k capturing and customized resolution.

Other Features

Web-based control. GUI designed interface, not require specialized IT knowledge.

One-Touch Operation to Standby and Wakeup.

Support Control Card back up.

Real time preview of input source and all operation.

Supports passive 3D display with polarized glasses.



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