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Touch Interactive Wayfinding software with built in Directory to inform and guide users to their desired destinations


Touch-Interactive Directions

Wayfinding is a type of touchscreen kiosk application that aids visitors in navigating through building structures likes malls, convention centers, and airports. Our wayfinding applications are custom made to your building and can allow your visitors to search via floor, category, or keyword.

Our Wayfinder/Directory Kiosks will provide an extremely helpful service to your attendees and businesses alike by providing a detailed and interactive map of your facilities. You can additionally include sections for paid advertisements for an extra revenue stream!

Key Features & Functions

• Custom made 3-D themed map of facilities 

• Built in local Directory

• Search via floor, category, or keyword.

• Shows the best route from kiosk to chosen       

• Include information pages besides the map

• Include sections for paid advertisements in the kiosks located in high traffic areas; Play promotional or ad videos on idle screen

Content Building

Creating the content for digital signage solutions, particularly wayfinding kiosks can be daunting. In fact, it is usually the most time consuming and costly aspect of the project, even more so than the hardware.

Our team of diligent content designers will work with you to create the Wayfinder and Directory system of your specifications.

wayfinding contents building

Customized User Interface

customized wayfinding softwares
wayfinding sample image

Custom Kiosk Designs

Our touch kiosks are fantastic with Wayfinding. They come as a complete hardware and software package that includes touchscreen capabilities and a built in Windows PC. They can be customized to any shape and orientation, be weatherproof, and can even be multiple sided. Different components such as a webcam, credit card reader, bar code scanner, thermal printer, etc can be embedded into the kiosk body.

wayfinding kiosk
Touch screen kiosk display
wayfinding software

Signage Management

Our Wayfinder application is run through Q-Sign, our signage management software. With Q-Sign, you can manage multiple kiosks through a remote PC, removing the requirement of having to physically be at the kiosk to update contents. From your remote PC, you can also send broadcasts and emergency broadcasts to all kiosks.

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