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Let your signage do the work.

With smartphones and tablets, the Touch Screen has become part of our everyday experience. Why not apply this technology to your signage? When added to a kiosk or LCD display, Touch Screen Technology enables a true user interactive experience. Most customers of the modern age prefer choosing, deciding, and transacting privately or on their own, or with minimal interference from sales agents. They prefer to seek technical opinion only when they need it. In such an evolving nature of client base, kiosks prove to be a perfect interface since it is entirely designed on the notion of self service. 

Saves time, adds efficiency

  • Reduces work load.

  • Kiosks effectively do the job of marketing, sales, or public relations personnel.

  • Effectively, they reduce workload on staff employees.


Innovative kiosks and interfaces have a huge impact on the image and goodwill of any business. They become statements of your commitment, research, awareness, and reliability.

Easily Maintained

Kiosks are generally easy to setup as it is plug and play. In the event of a malfunction, ZDS will be able to support and fix the problem immediately through a remote session or phone/email.

Why our Kiosk?


  • Generate more interest/traffic through interactive kiosks

  • Advertise videos/images for your sponsors

  • 3D Wayfinding with features such as information/videos

  • Versatile mobility

  • Share photos and promote social media connectivity

  • Commercial grade displays with double the lifespan, higher brightness, and wider viewing angles than consumer panels

Ideas for your Kiosk

  • Restaurant ordering system

  • Waiting room system

  • Shopping Mall coupon printing system

  • Shopping Mall price check system

  • Customizable applications and templates

  • Have your own idea? Contact us. We also make custom kiosk applications!

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