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ZDS Video Wall Series

ZDS offers the highest quality in commercial grade LED backlit LCD displays. Our displays are of the newest technology, and set a new standard for Tiled Matrix Hyperwall displays.

LED backlighting is great for reducing energy and allows for a thin display panel. Each panel supports 1080p or 4k, and each added panel adds another 1080p or 4k to the resolution - allowing for large images or videos to span across multiple configured display panels without stretching or losing image quality.

ZDS is also setting a new quality standard in being able to offer the thinnest bezel size available--1.7mm across from image to image. All of our displays are equipped with an advanced heat dispatching technology which allows 24/7 operation are assembled, tested, and packed in San Francisco, CA.


U Series Video Wall

The U-Series have a board solution that allows the daisy chaining of a single 4K DP input signal without an additional device such as a video wall processor or multi-output graphics card. The 4K signal (maximum resolution up to 3840x2160 / 60Hz) can be used on video wall configurations as large as 15x15. This makes the U-series not only easy to implement, but also cost effective.

4K Daisy chain 

The U-series video wall supports 4K daisy chaining; just daisy chain via DP in and loop out and let the 4K contents roll!

Supports Picture-in-Picture

PIP/POP/4P function support.

RS232 & IR support.

Variety of Display Options

ZDS's complete portfolio of high-quality LCD video walls encompass a wide range of different screen sizes, bezel thicknesses, and brightness. They feature the narrowest bezels and most flexible mounting systems for perfect bezel compensation. Our LCD video walls are the best-in-class.


ZDS Videowall Control Software

​The U-series displays come with a SICP control software that allows:

  • Changing of wall configuration with one click

  • Power and input control

  • Changing color setting for perfect color calibration



Bracket Systems

From easy to install / auto-alignment Slide in Brackets, to perfect alignment Push Out brackets for embedded installations, ZDS offers several bracket solutions to fit your project needs. We can also custom design and engineer components and parts for that irregular space you want your perfect video wall.


Let's talk about your project

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