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Interactive Touch Tables

Touch Table Kiosks work as a great method for sharing information
interactively with other collaborators. You can write, play movies, toss around images, zoom in and out of media to reveal even more media, or have the capability of doing anything a powerful touch screen can do that isn’t limited by your imagination. These kiosks are fully customizable and can be programmed to utilize any type of additional hardware such as credit card swipers, bar code scanners, or webcams. The standard Touch Table Kiosk model comes in a U shape and in any color.

Recommended Applications
The Touch Table Kiosk works best in a collaborative environment
where people are looking to simultaneously share information
through digital media. You can expand, rotate, tap to play, or toss
media files around. With ZDS, there is no limit as to what your kiosk
can be capable of doing.

Key Features:
• Built in, customizable PC preinstalled with Windows
• Preinstalled Signage Software
• Single Touch/Dual Touch/or up to 32 points of touch
• Interactive content
• Table format for easy access to multiple users at a time
• Display size available in 32”, 40”, 46”, 55”, 70”, and 82”

Touch Table Interactive Digital Content
ZDS also provides professional content creation services. Our
experienced developers can work with you to create design-conscious and forward-thinking UI’s for your Touchscreen. Whatever your content needs may be, our development team is ready to work with you to share ideas and bring your kiosk to life.

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