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 OLED Curved Video Wall 

Flexible OLED Displays for Curved and Wavy Video Walls

Variety of Curvatures for Landmarks

Zoom DS OLED series supports various concave and convex curvatures in both portrait and landscape orientations. Displays can be positioned and curved in a variety of ways to keep viewers captivated.
(Supports curvature up to 1,000R)

Elastic surface, Perfect space using

OLED panel's paper slim thickness and flexibility of curvature allows for video wall designs for different spaces, integration with other products, and can be a perfect fit into any environment.

Its perfect color reproduction and elegant curved design will attract all the attention from any space.

The curvature of the screen provides a truly immersive viewing experience

As a landmark in display technology for unique spaces, the scalability and flexibility of its in space-adaptive design can adapt to all forms of art decoration. Qualitative improvement in brightness uniformity, contrast and distortion makes this display the pinnacle of display technology.

Unrivaled Picture Quality

Perfect Black - Zero nit


Limitless contrast and the deepest blacks Self-lighting pixels switch off completely to reproduce absolutes blacks with no light bleed, offering infinite contrast.

Perfect Color - 150,000 Contrast ratio @ 10 Bit

Accurate & stable color reproduction Self-lighting pixels bring colors to life with superb accuracy.


Customized Projects - Expandable to your design

All OLED video wall projects are custom, due to the nature of the technology. Specifications will vary depending on the amount of curvature required. Please contact us to discuss your project design.


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