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Transparent Touch Kiosk


Transparent Touch Kiosks are ideal for capturing attention by allowing you to see through to the other side. Product display is its most popular application as it will benefit from the overlay of displayed, interactive information. They are especially impressive when integrated into any public display such as a retail space or stage setup. 

Key Features

  • 22" - 85" availability in fully customizable casings

  • All-in-one system including a built-in PC

  • Play and create media with interactive content

  • Transparent backlit LCD with IR Touchscreen display

Interactive Digital Content


ZDS also provides professional content creation services. Our experienced developers can work with you to create design-concious and forward-thinking UI’s for your Transparent Touchscreen.

Video Walls


Need a bigger Transparent Touchscreen? Fortunately, Transparent Touchscreens can be combined together to create a single display in the same, easy to configure manner that ZDS uses to create Video Walls out of our LCD display panels! When assembled, Transparent Touchscreen Kiosks only have a bezel size of 10mm—allowing for a solid Transparent Touchscreen Video Wall display and producing a truly eye-catching setup. 

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