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OBS Series Video Wall

The OBS Series Video Wall Displays use an off panel board solution that allows us to make the video wall system even thinner. At less than 4 inches depth, it passes ADA compliance and does not require the installation to be recessed (requiring construction and stealing budget from the hardware!). 

The Power Board and AD Controller Board are separate from the LCD panels on the OBS series (Off Board System). This means that the pushout bracket and electronics can be installed first, offering easy cabling before the LCD panels are mounted. This allows quicker/more organized installs, and easier access when displays need maintenance. 


  • 4" Depth ADA compliment

  • Thin, Full-Service mounting system

  • built-in Advanced processing & 4K 60Hz daisy chain

  • Off board electronics makes easy cabling, installation and maintenance

  • Power daisy chain 

  • Panel connects to all electronics via single connector

  • Slim depth with fine adjustment mounting system

  • Advanced heat management

  • Take full control via ZD wall Software

  • Vertical installation compatible

  • Wide viewing angle

  • metal side cover available for clean finish

  • 24/7/365 operation approved for commercial application

  • UHD resolution available with 65" display models

  • Fully functional remote control allows you to connect each display from single remote

  • Thin bezel of 0.88mm 1.7mm or 3.5mm combined 

Thin Profile Video Wall, ADA Compliant

The OBS Series displays follow guidelines from the American Disability Act (ADA) which states that video walls in public spaces should be no thicker than 4 inches (or recessed embedded installation).  At under 4 inches, not only does it follow the law, it looks great. 

 OBS Bracket System

The OBS Series follows guidelines from the ADA and has a profile of 4 inches. The thin profile mounting system provides easy servicing and precision alignment from any side and from all angles (x,y,z)

Expand Presentational Flexibility through Landscape and Portrait Support

Zoom DS's versatile wall mounts for OBS Series video walls support both landscape and portrait orientation installations. This expanded support enables the transformation of each wall mount to accommodate either orientation format, which removes restrictions with content creation and cost inefficiencies of different brackets from traditional mounting options. As part of promoting a simplified installation process, users also can easily adjust our wall mounts to the orientation mode that best suits their business and content needs.

Off Board Electronics

Off Board Electronics means that the power board, AD controller board and other parts are separate from the LCD. This allows for a thinner and lighter display, as well the option of cabling everything before the LCD panel is mounted and connected to the rest of the electronics via a single connector.

separate-Current View black.png

Easy Cabling, Easy Installation,
Easy Maintenance

Cabling video walls can be tedious and cumbersome with the displays mounted and in the way. The separate LCD panel means that cabling can be done BEFORE the panel is hung, giving installers clear vision and no obstructions.   As a plus, power supply units can be daisy-chained to groups of 4, reducing the required number of outlets.

If any issues arise, any display in the video wall configuration can be accessed independently. The brackets feature a mechanism that allows independent displays to be serviced. The LCD panel can be unhooked and separated easily in a matter of seconds. Since everything is separate (LCD, Power Board, AD Controller Board, mounting brackets, cables, etc) parts can be replaced easily.

Variety of Display Options

  • OBS Series displays come in 46", 49", 55" and 65" sizes

  • Bezel gap of 0.88mm 1.7mm or 3.5mm combined between displays (0.88mm combined bezel gap only available with 55" display)

  • Brightness of 500 or 700 NITS​​​

  • Our 65" displays come with UHD 3840x2160 resolution,the only thin bezel video wall display to offer 4K resolution!


Wider Viewing Angle

Vivid and dynamic picture quality with 178 degree wide and higher viewing angle.

Built-In Advanced Processing

The OBS Series displays features an advanced AD Controller board that supports up to 4K/60HZ input daisy chain via HDMI loopout. Whether in matrix mode or daisychain mode, the system automatically scales the content to your specifications.

For input switching and layout needs, use our ZD WALL CONTROL software.

For more advanced needs, please check out the DigiBird video wall controllers.

input output 2.jpg


  • Multiple inputs available, with up to 4K/60 input daisy chain capability through HDMI 2.0 loopout

  • Built in media player via USB IN (for single display mode only)

  • IR daisy chain for remote control sensor

  • UART daisy chain for serial control on PC with ZD WALL CONTROL software

  • Input switching and preconfigured layout switching possible via remote control or ZD WALL CONTROL software

power diasy4.jpg

Power Daisy-Chain​

  • Power cabling can be done BEFORE the panel is hung

  • Power Supply is daisy chainable up to groups of 3~4 Depending on display model

  • Reducing the required number of outlets.

Advanced Heat Management

Monitoring and managing the temperature of each display is crucial to secure reliability and longevity. OBS Series displays are built with premium-grade panels with additional thermal protection, internal temperature sensors with activated fans and self-diagnostics that allows for 24/7 operation in addition to protecting your investment.

side cover.jpg

Clean Finish: Metal Side Covers

Metal Side covers give your video wall sides a clean and sleek finishing touch, and also double as protection for your displays fragile edges. ​


Transform your video wall into a touch screen

It is not a far-fetched idea! Using a combination of Optical cameras and IR sensors, it can be done. Sensors and Cameras are mounted on a metal frame designed for the HH-Series displays to make your entire video wall into a giant touch screen!


ZD Wall Control - Take Full Control

via PC software

The OBS Series system offers a powerful SICP control software that allows users to fully control the video wall’s:
- System Settings                                  

- Color Calibration
-Input and layout configuration switching
- Scheduling of display power, backlight brightness, and layouts
- Control independent or all displays in a video wall with a single remote (digital and physical)


obs spec.png


OBS Brochure V1.0.pdf

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