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Mirror Display

Slideshows, videos with audio, promotional messages and custom user interface are displayed on a high resolution display of 1920 x 1080. With the screen brightness of 500cd/m2 and brighter the digital content can be projected clearly through the one way mirror and appears brighter on the screen to bring out the best of the image quality.

Size variety and quality screens

“Mirror kiosks can be used in luxurious clothing shops,
hair salons, hotels or multiflex shopping malls. It is a
futuristic kiosk that gives a luxurious interior effect.”

Stunning Design

Embedded Powerful digital signage player

Digital signage with elegance

Windows or Android OS

Inspired by the minimal and sleek design of the iPhone, our
kiosks are designed to better blend into any store or interior
decor. Depending on the store interior, it could be a free standing mirror cabinet supported by a solid metal base plate or be flush mounted to be part of the store furnishing, making it look like a normal mirror in the store.

Key Features
• The mirror is embedded with PCAP film touch
• Touch option from 1 to 10
• Mirror glass has similar reflection rate and      transparency with normal glass.
• Efficient transferring of information using digital
 signage system
• Powerful signage software
• Compatible with Windows OS.

A powerful digital signage player is embedded in our kiosks for
playing any kind of contents.

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