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High Brightness Displays - Visible even in direct sunlight

Suggested Applications

• Retail stores         • Theaters         • Travel agencies 

• Real Estate Offices       • Post Offices       • Banks 

Store-Front Window Displays

Digital media is only effective if viewers are able to see it. Zoom Digital Signage high brightness commercial LCDs are a perfect solution for indoor environments that receive a high amount of ambient light such as storefront windows. Starting at 2500 nits candela, these displays can be viewed even in direct sunlight! To prevent blackening defect, ZDS offers High-Tni liquid crystal panels which can withstand temperatures up to 110°C (230˚F). A fanless thermal management system provides silent, trouble-free operation.

ZDS High Brightness displays can be used independent single displays, video wall displays, or even built into outdoor kiosks.

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