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DT Research offers a wide selection of products based on robust yet aggressive configurations and platforms. These products comprise Rugged Tablets, GNSS Tablets, Medical Cart Computers, industrial grade All-in-one Computers as well as Thin Clients.

MA1352GL Multi Screen Appliance

Power Multiple Screens for Digital Signage Arrays



  • The DT Research MA1352GL Multi Screen Appliance features the powerful and energy-efficient Intel® Pentium® processor and integrates 3 video-out connectors for high-quality and optimal display experience. Combined with the industry-leading WebDT Content Manager and Menu Board Editor software, one MA1352GL is capable of driving content on up to 3 screens while communicating with the server for updates for digital menu board and advertising applications.

Intel® Pentium® CPU, 4 cores

Small, robust and fanless design

Microsoft® Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise operating system

Drives up to 3 screens

Support for multiple zones of content

Content flexibility for many multimedia file formats

Real-time or scheduled content playback

Flexible screen layout options with multiple zones and layers

Automatic content download recovery

* Specs subject to change without notice.
①Please note that actual performance will still depend on different media content and profile.


Product Datasheet

Basic Operation Guide

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