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 Transparent OLED Digital Signage 

A New Dimension to Digital Signage

A New Level of 

See-through View

Zoom Digital Transparent OLED signage illuminates spaces that once were hidden away behind the display, completely harmonizing with its surroundings. 


High Transparency

Zoom Digital's Transparent OLED signage seamlessly and naturally blends into its surroundings thanks to its high transparency. These see-through digital displays turn static signage areas into open and interactive spaces.

Exceptional Picture Quality

Zoom Digital’s OLED technology, featuring self-lighting pixels, maintains accurate and vivid colors even when the digital display becomes transparent. Transparent OLED signage brings content to life by blending digital content with real objects when positioned together.

See Through

Effective Information Delivery

While clearly showing objects behind the screen, Zoom Digital Transparent OLED signage seamlessly overlays information so that viewers can easily see both the object and the relevant information without having to change their view.

Available in 55" Displays

For customization, contact us to discuss your project requirements.

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